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"Hunting al-Qaeda"


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Hunting al Qaeda: A Take-No-Prisoners Account of Terror, Adventure, and Disillusionment
By Anonymous
Published in 2005 by Zenith Press, St. Paul, MN


A true account of a National Guard Special Forces team in Afghanistan in the early years of the Afghanistan War.  With the call-sign of "BEAST 85" - they soon found themselves deep in a war where beards, baseball caps and body armor were the uniform.  Fighting the enemy was not a problem for BEAST 85.  Dealing with the bureaucratic and risk-adverse higher headquarters was an unexpected obstacle to mission accomplishment.  The ODA operated out of Firebase Gecko near Kandahar.  Despite administrative burdens (can you say "CONOP" and "battlespace clearance"?) placed on its daily activities it stilled pursued the enemy.

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Book review by SGC Group.

Alan Caruba wrote the following about the book:

"At the forefront of American concerns is whether to continue the war in Afghanistan, now in its eighth year. For a powerful and disturbing insight, I recommend you read Hunting al Qaeda ($17.99, Zenith Press, softcover). It is the story of a National Guard Special Forces unit, Beast 85, a tight-knit group of ten men, green berets, sent to Afghanistan shortly after 9/11 to capture or kill al Qaeda and the Taliban. It is a story of disillusionment because of the top-heavy, risk-averse command structure of today’s army and how it became the second front for men who actually captured a Taliban leader only to be told to release him! The war has drawn on without victory because “victory” is not attainable when it is a political issue, not a military objective."