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Review of "Spook Country"


Spook Country
By William Gibson
Publisher: Berkley Books, New York (August 2007).


Spook Country is a novel set in the years after 9/11.  This is a combination spy thriller, art review, science fiction, and crime novel.  William Gibson is (based on reviews I have read) an accomplished science fiction writer.  He attempts to place some aspects of the future into the present.  I am not sure it works.

In the story a freelance writer is asked to interview and then write a story about an artist who does more than art.  The magazine she writes for does not yet exist.  At the same time we are introduced to two other groups of people who also have an interest in the artist she has to interview.  I had trouble figuring out who was who.

I picked up the book in an airport book store during five spare minutes I had between flights.  I bought it on the basis of the title (because I like spy novels - John LeCarre - where are you?) and found that the book was not "my type".  It may be someone else's type; but definitely not mine.  I did manage to finish it to the end but was disappointed.  I won't be passing it on to my friends.  It will get recycled.

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